Claustrophobia and MRI

Claustrophobia and MRI

Peace of mind for patients

MRI for claustrophobic patients is now possible because the Upright  MRI scanner in Thessaloniki is the only one of its kind in Greece. It is completely different from conventional “tunnel” MRI scanners, or other “open” scanners, where you are required to lie down.  One of the unique benefits to the Upright MRI is that there is nothing in front of your face or body; it’s completely open. You can sit, stand, or recline without and obstructed view of the TV that’s in front of you. This makes for a pleasant experience when you need an MRI. The Upright MRI is the only true Open MRI.

To date, we have successfully scanned all claustrophobic patients who have previously been unable to tolerate a conventional scanner or even an “open” scanner.

Sports Injuries and MRI

Due to the unique nature of our scanner, we are able to perform positional imaging. This is a bonus in sports injuries as we can place the patient into the position where they have the most pain. Patient positioning plays a critical role in detecting clinically significant pathology.

Weight Challenged Patients and MRI

Larger patients and conventional MRI scanners

Many larger patients find the constricted space of a conventional “tunnel” scanner completely unacceptable. Because our scanner is truly open, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed during the scan.

Patients with respiratory or cardiac conditions.
For whatever reason, some patients are simply unable to lie flat and still for long periods of time in a conventional scanner. Our scanner can help these patients at a difficult time, enabling them to benefit from the vital diagnostic imaging that an MRI scan brings.